Tuesday, August 23, 2011


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Have you ever heard people say “it was meant to be?” This is a slippery subject. I do not wish to offend anyone, rather I want to explore solutions to help with your success and dispel illusions that hold you back. It is in this respect that I discuss this topic on this post.
Weather this is a subject of spirituality or of science I start with the question that” is it conceivable that man is so helpless?” Because the statement “it is meant to be” implies lack of power to influence the outcome. Theologically speaking man is made in the image of God. Not a tool, not a subject but made in the image of God and that God is perfect and all powerful so that cannot mean that man is powerless. Scientifically speaking man is the top of the food chain and the highest form of life on this planet, that also cannot mean that man is helpless.
It does not matter whether you are spiritual, or scientifically minded. Know that you are all powerful when it comes to your reality. You control and are responsible for all that is in your reality.  What is manifesting right now in your life is the result of your past thoughts. Start by taking responsibility for your life and your thoughts and then change what you don’t like by changing your thoughts.  Read previous posts on how to use The Law of Attraction and how it works if this is the first time you have heard this.
Thinking that you do not have control over your life will keep you going by default. You will concentrate your thoughts and your emotions on whatever happens to be going on in your reality right now,  and more of that will come to you.  If things are good that is well, but if you happen to chance upon negativity, which inundates our daily life, going on be default is a scary thought.  That is going about things in a backwards way. Your thoughts create your reality, not the other way around.  News flash: You are all powerful when it comes to YOUR reality. Do not be concerned with others. Do not be concern with competition. Do not let feeling of guilt rule you.  Be proud, and thankful.
There is nothing wrong with being spiritual or to rely on a logical mind like a scientist. No matter what path pleases you, you can find evidence of The Law of Attraction in its teachings if you but search a little. You can be both. You can be none. Whatever the path you choose,  you have control over your reality. When you realize and accept that, then you have opened up a new world of possibilities for yourself.
You need not be afraid because there is no scarcity in the world according to the universal and theological laws. Unless that is what you choose to believe. It is like The Law of Gravity. Whether you are a scientist or a spiritual guru if you walk off the top of a building you will fall.  Gravity cares not if you are good or bad, and neither does The Law of Attraction. It is a built in law older than time itself. You can use it or you can be used by default. The choice is yours.
I hope this discussion makes you think. That is all that I can hope. Once you reach for thoughts, and be open to other possibilities answers will come to you when you are ready to accept them. In either case you are right. I hope you enjoy and benefit from this discussion.
To your success until the next time. As always feel free to share this with anyone who can benefit from it.

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