Tuesday, August 9, 2011


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Today’s post like many of my posts is based on lessons I learned watching my little kids. The other day I was watching my 3 years old playing with her 7 month old sister. Normally she is good at sharing but this time when the little one went after a toy train,  she gently but firmly removed the train and put it aside.  I proceeded to get a drum and put it in front of the little one, and my 3 years old started to play with her on the drum. All the time the train was just sitting in corner. When my youngest went around to get the train again my 3 years old took the train and put it aside.
I asked her why she was not sharing her train, and she did not say anything. This made me think about how often as adults, people have this feeling about others. It is not that we want something, it is just we don’t want them to have it. I hope the readers of this blog do not have this feeling, but just in case sometimes this feeling  comes up I wanted to explore the vibrations that we are sending out so may be by understanding we can overcome.
We have discussed how The Law of Attraction works. The best indicator of if we are on the right vibration is our feelings. So let’s use that and see how this what I call “don’t wantism”  fairs on the feeling scale.  Let’s use the example of our neighbor suddenly driving home in a brand new car. It may not even be a car we like but suddenly there is this feeling of envy. The feeling is not a want, you see. It is not coming from the stand point of “I want a car like that”, or “I want a new car”, it is a feeling of “I don’t want him to have that car”. So let’s see where this is taking our feelings. If we were saying “I want a new car” that can bring up many feelings within us from a feeling of LACK, and SCARCITY, to the other end of spectrum of EXCITEMENT, and a GOAL of achieving. On the other hand the feelings that come about when we say “I don’t want him to have …”can only be coming from SCARCITY. I cannot find a positive in this feeling. Just writing about it here from a detached observing position is making me feel uncomfortable. I am sure most people feel this way. That should give you a warning sign. If you have not read my post on paying attention to your bad feelings check it out here: blog post on bad feelings
The warning is very real. The fact that we are not feeling good about this should send warning bells all around saying you need to change your vibration. That feeling of lack and that bad vibration of not wanting something for others is seen by the universe as wanting lack for YOU. That is what you have to understand. The Law of Attraction is perfect. It is not biased, or vindictive. It is simple in its design like any natural law. When you send out the vibration of abundance for yourself, you should also want the same for your neighbor.  When you try to bring a bad thing to someone else The Law of Attraction only sees that you want to be in the presence of that bad thing. We cannot live for someone else. We cannot wish for someone else, and by the perfect design of this universe we cannot want bad things for other people without effecting our own vibration for the worst, and brining bad things into our own reality. I guess that is what is referred to by many as KARMA.
So that is why GRATITUDE is so powerful. That is why when people are genuinely happy for other people’s successes they are also endowed with success and prosperity. So next time someone you know comes into some good fortune be happy for them. Genuinely be happy for them because with that feeling of happiness you are saying to the universe I want to be involved with more of such situations and those blessing and situations will become yours. It is the law. It is perfect. You know it and you can use it to design your life and know that there is only abundance out there. Just because someone wins that does not mean you have to loose, unless that is what you are concentrating on and that is what you make yourself believe.
I hope this makes you think and is helpful. Enjoy your week and share this with anyone you think can benefit and don’t forget I welcome comments on my blog. Counterpoints are always welcome, as long as they are not just for the sake of negativity.

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