Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rest in Peace WARRIORS as you have given us Peace for so long

This is a special post on a special day. You have all see the news yesterday about an aircraft carrying 30 plus members of the United States Navy SeALs was shot down.
This is a tribute to them. To be a Navy Seal is universally known as being the best of the best that the special warfare community has to offer.  When the Trident is pinned to their chest they know that they are something special. They know they are the best. It is speculated that of those elite men about 1% are asked and are accepted into the Seal Team 6. To loose so many men in one single episode is a tragedy that I cannot even imagine. They and their families have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be FREE.
But the world and those who have committed this act should know that Americans are also a special breed of people. We do not run when tragedy strikes. We do not put our heads down and cry. We come together. We gain strength from mutual pain and sorrow and we take that strength and fight back. We fight with everything we have, for our beliefs, and our way of life. And we prevail. That is our way. That is what it means to be an AMERICAN.  To be free, and to be the voice of the oppressed when no one else will do anything.
I am filled with sorrow, but at the same time I have great pride and gratitude for all the members of our armed forces who on a daily bases fight for our way of life.
I hope and pray for strength for the families of the men who were lost yesterday. They know how much we as a people love and cherrish the memories of their loved ones. They will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN.

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