Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Good day.  Today I want to discuss one tool for improving the success you can achieve in setting goals.  The use of visualization has been taught by many of the teachers of The Law of Attraction.  What I have noticed is that in addition to those teachers many successful businessmen and inventors use visualization in their planning.
When you visualize a goal to the extent where you go through every piece and every action step to achieve that goal, i.e.  where you can feel it, hear it, smell it, touch it, taste it, you go through the process of trial and error in your mind and most of the time it brings opportunities for you to learn if something is not correct with your planning before you actually put those steps into action and thereby preventing many unnecessary mistakes, errors and waste of time. When you completely visualize your goals and you start seeing their accomplishments,  information comes to you to help you take the next steps and in many cases refine your goals and your planning. That saves hours if not years in the time it takes to accomplishment  your goals. 
What most people do is go by default. That entails trying to do something, making a mistake, going back trying to fix it, making a mistake, going back trying to fix it. Because you are only looking at the reality of the thing and then you are making correction based on those realities. That is the backward way of doing things. In most cases if you get clear on what you want and visualize it to the extent where the next logical step is the manifestation of your goals you save allot of time and allot of effort as well as substantial amount of money in achieving your success and you actually achieve your goals faster.
This is not to say that you only visualize. You cannot just sit and visualize and hope for things to happen. What I am discussing here is clear planning. There is a fine line between clarifying your plans and procrastination. Don’t fall into the pitfall of analysis paralysis. Many dreams have gone unrealized because the planner just planed and planed and there was no action to back up those plans.
There are times where no matter how clear you are on your goals you will make mistakes. Those are the times where you need to learn something by doing. You need to get prepared for the success that comes to you. How many times have you heard of someone wining a large amount of money and then 3 years later they were worse off than they started? That is because the person was not prepared for success. They did not have the financial education that it takes to hold on to wealth and prosper.
You get clear on your goals. You set action plans and rehearse them in your visualization to the extent that you cover every detail of those goals then TAKE ACTION and be prepared to re-evaluate the results.
You will see that this method will be much more fruitful than trial and error alone.
I wish you much success and as always feel free to share this with anyone who may benefit from them.

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