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Today’s post is about the fallacy that you cannot be both happy and wealthy. The statement that it is a “fallacy” is a statement of fact.
Let’s delve into how this fallacy first develops. Like most people whose parents were employees, when I was growing up I took on odd jobs through high school and college. In addition to being a waiter and working at McDonald, I worked for some private people, many of whom were extremely wealthy. What I noticed was that even though they had toys that I wanted, and could do whatever they wanted to whenever they wanted, they were essentially miserable people. And I have to mention that, there were some very few exceptions which I supposed kept the hope alive.
In addition looking at the media, the idea that the richer you get the more trouble you have only reinforced the fallacy, because as we all know the media looks for misery to sell their air time. But the question remains why are so many people who are really wealthy are also the most unhappy people in the world?
Let’s also look at the other side of the equation. People who know me well, know that for a while before medical school I had lost my faith, and thought that I was put on this earth for pure comic relief. That all changed when I went to St. Maartin to study my basic sciences. While I was there, I interacted with the some of the happiest individuals I have met in my life who at the same time were also the poorest people from the financial standpoint.
Do you have to be financially disadvantage to be happy? Does money bring with it unhappiness? The answer to both is A RESOUNDING NO.
To make my point I am going to consider two hypothetical people and analyses their thought patterns from the point of view of The Law of Attraction.
Character 1: A Buddhist Monk who has taken a vow of poverty.
Character 2: A multimillionaire owner of a large business corporation.
The thought patterns of Character 1 is all about piece and joy. Very little matters in terms of daily problems. He knows the fact that no matter what happens he has a choice about what reaction he shows to events. Because his discipline teaches tolerance and love for everything, positive thinking is in his innate nature. No matter what, his discipline has taught him to be happy and loving. There is nothing more powerful than love from the standpoint of vibrational energy when it comes to using The Law of Attraction. There is no option to feel and react badly to external events. Whatever happens a monk is trained to see the good in everything. There is always a silver lining. There is a deeper meaning to everything. That does not come from a place of suffering. It is a genuine belief that all is good. That everything from the source is abundant and good.
The thought patterns of Character 2 by contrast, usually comes from a place of competition.  The thought pattern is that of “for me to have, someone else must lack”. There is frequently the feeling of distrust. As a person becomes more and more successful in the competitive field, they feel that people are coming for them. There is always someone who is coming after the best to knock them off their perch. That feeling gets bigger and bigger the more successful one becomes in the competitive plane. So stress increases as more and more success comes. The feelings of loving ones work give way to just beating the competition and what usually gets the person to succeed gives way to negative thinking, and fear of loss.
Life the way the source intended for humans, is not competition.  If you have not read the blog post on competition please check it out here:blog post on Competition
In reality there is an abundance of everything and once you realize that, the need for competition disappears and so does the stress of I have to win so someone else has to loose. When there is no looser the negativity and guilt about success goes away. The thought patterns deep inside us has to come from a place of love and positivity. As long as our thoughts bring with them fear, and possibility of loss the ensuing feelings are? You Guessed it unhappy.
One of the great things I like about the teaching of(Abraham) Jerry and Esther Hicks, is the simplicity of using your feelings to tell you if you are in tune with the vibration of the Law of Attraction. If you are doing something and the success of it is making you feel uneasy or bad then there has to be another way to gain that success and feel good. It is hard from a business perspective to think this way at first. Every major sales training I have had with any company has only taught the fundamentals of sales in building rapport and selling value, and knowing my competition. None has gone into the psychology of how to be a winner from the stand point of using the Law of Attraction.
When one realizes that success begins in the mind. When seeing success, and visualizing success becomes a second nature thing, then the rest naturally fall into place. As I discussed in last week’s post however, mental work is the hardest form of training. So it takes concentration and persistence to make it routine.
I hope you now realize that if character 2 uses the Law of Attraction’s rules of the game (because after all The Law of Attraction is a universal law and it is completely objective), and follow the good feelings in addition to all the skills that it took him to be a success, he can be happy as well as enjoy financial success. When you realize that there is plenty for everyone, and you are not really in competition with anyone, the fear, doubt, and distrust melts away.  Here I HAVE TO GIVE YOU A WARNING. If you are hard wired through years and years of education that success can only come from competition, that is YOUR TRUTH AND YOUR REALITY. Nothing I, or any other person tells you, and no  amount of research and study will bring you happiness.  You will attract proof to let you know you are right and you will attract circumstances to prove to you that you are right. You have to want to and take steps to change your  thought patterns to see the results. Those thoughts have to start with the fact that you can be happy and successful at the same time. This universe does nothing with scarcity. There is plenty of opportunities for everyone. Your thoughts are your reality and EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE IS THE RESULTS OF YOUR PREVIOUS THOUGHTS. Good news is that you can change them NOW.
I hope you find this valuable and educational. I encourage you to comment with your thoughts by clicking the comment link so we can benefit from other thoughts and viewpoints.  I do not sensor any comments as long as they are respectful and educational.  As always please feel free to share this with anyone you think may benefit from it. To your success.

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