Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Good day and  happy Valentine's day. I hope you are having a good week. Today’s post is about what I consider to be the foundation of success in anything you can think of. Your self-image will dictate how far you can go in life.
Do you sometimes find yourself critical of making mistakes to the point of insulting yourself?  If you are like me, comments like “how could I have been that stupid?”, or “what was I thinking?” or even “what an idiot”, are usual occurrences when it comes to making a mistake.  Mistakes are part of growth.  I would not imagine saying those words to anyone who made a mistake no matter how bad that error was, so why do I say that to myself?  I have never been able to come up with a satisfactory answer besides the fact that I have a higher expectation of myself or that I can take it when the same response to another person would not be appropriate from anyone, let alone an educator.  Perhaps you can relate?
That is called self-talk and no matter how I sugar coat it, this self-talk is shaping my internal self-image.  My self-image is the key to how I think, what my behavior is and more important what kind of internal and hidden resistance I create. Do I see myself as successful, healthy, prosperous and happy person, or is it someone that always makes mistakes, stupid or not good enough for anything? How do I see mistakes? Do I see them as problems, or do I see them as challenges to be over come all has to do with my self-image. I am for the most part a positive person.   I am educated, successful, blessed and happy, and yet the simple fact that if I don’t treat myself with respect I can’t expect any success to come my way escapes me in the times of emotional challenges. I asked myself, if someone who treated you the way you treat yourself, by criticizing, calling you names, breaking promises to you the way you break promises to yourself, would stay friends with them? Why do you allow yourself to treat YOU THIS BAD THEN?
Weather one is looking at this from a theological or metaphysical point of view the answer is the same.  Theology tells us “… we are created in the image of the creator”.  Metaphysical point of view points to one source of energy and we are part of that same perfect energy that encompasses everything.  Either way we are PERFECT.  We may not always ACT perfectly, but at our core we are perfect. 
Somehow as we age, we become critical of this perfection.  Usually we are not even aware of it.  I can’t put my finger on the exact time when I first told myself “I was stupid”. My parents and teachers were always supportive.  I was always a high achiever and I suppose I got lost in the expectation of the society that if you’re not winning then you must be losing. Again perhaps you can relate.
Let me digress a little with an example. Did you know that today most if not all airplanes fly by automatic pilot during 99% of the journey? On top of that did you know that during 90% of that flight the plane is making constant course corrections based on data received via radar and satellite?  So in essence 90% of the time the plane is making mistakes and still manages to make it to the destination. In fact it is because of these mistakes that the plane can make it to its destination. Think about that the next time you make a mistake and STOP the negative self-imagery. 
If you call yourself “stupid” you cannot become the wealthy, successful, loveable person that is your perfection no matter how much you visualize and no matter what technology you use.  Especially if this self-image is so internal and well established that you were not even aware of it until you read this blog. Imagine if a child, perhaps your own, came to you and said “mommy/ daddy, I am so stupid”.  That is the type of feeling I want to have you reach for when you say things like that to yourself.  Repeat out loud now: “I am a perfect person in every way”.
That is a fact just like any laws of physics or the Law of Attraction.  Treat yourself like a lovable child the next time you make a mistake and start to change your self-image to one of “perfect in every way”.  You make mistakes because you are constantly reaching for new experiences and new desires and you learn and expand your horizon.   A positive self-image is the foundation needed to help you use the law of attraction to bring about everything you desire. Otherwise you are driving down the road in a sports car with the hand brake on, or an anchor chained to your rear bumper, wondering why the dude on a bicycle is passing you by.
Recall that the law of attraction brings to you opportunities to manifest what you BELIEVE IN. Beliefs are subconscious.  Your self-image is subconscious.  If your self-image says that you are a looser, how can you succeed? Is this making sense? You have to see the root of this to start making the change.  I am not trying to blow sunshine up your behinds.  This is not about patting each other on the back and feel good. This is the foundation of what you have to do to succeed which is what this blog is all about. When you succeed you don’t need me or anyone to pat you on the back because you will have the sense of achievement and more importantly the belief that you have done it and that will just bring more and more success for you because you have proven it to yourself that it works. It all starts by treating yourself like a child whose confidence you are shaping now. You can break that child down and tear him apart or you can teach him that he can learn from mistakes and get better and succeed. It is up to you. Do you want to be the abused kid that the system blames for being bad, or do you want to be the proud mentor of the next Nobel laurite? In either case you have the power and the responsibility is yours.
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To your success till next time.

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