Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS: How to allow receiving

Good day and I hope you are having a good week.
Today I wanted to discuss a topic that is not usually focused on when one speaks of success, but remains at the core of your ability to reach success and happiness specially financially.
When people are first introduced to the concepts and teachings of The Law of Attraction (LOA) they learn that they have to follow 3 basic steps as a general rule:
1)      They ask.
2)      The source responds.
3)      They have to be open to receive.
I have previously discussed that this in no way  means that you ask and you sit on your butt and then things just fall into your lap.

 Action is required on opportunities that come your way. That is not the topic of this discussion. The point I want to address in this blog is the last of the three steps, the ability to receive.
Part of the ability to receive lies in the fact that you have to believe you will receive and then get out of the way and eliminate the resistance. The question I usually hear is how to do you go about “believing” you will receive. I have also covered the topic of faith in another post, but there is one way that will help immensely in opening yourself to receiving.   

You have undoubtedly heard teachers of The Law of Attraction say that you have to “behave as though you have already achieved what you want”. This statement filled me with much confusion when I first started my study of LOA. Having been raised by fiscally responsible parents, it really went against all my logics to spend the money I did not have. THAT IS NOT WHAT IS MEANT BY “behave as though you have achieved your desire”. Let me be perfectly clear here: The Law of Attraction does not say go ahead and rack up a bunch of debt and everything will be hunky dory. Nothing could be further from the truth.  That statement is designed to get to the core of the way you think.
How many times during the week have you deprived yourself of something you can have and can afford because it cost a little more? Perhaps you wanted a large drink but went for the medium instead. How often have you achieved a great goal and instead of rewarding yourself with something you wanted, you settled or worse yet did nothing? How often when you eat out and the bill comes you have opted to tip only 10% instead of 15-20% even though the service was great? How often when you see someone or organization soliciting for money or doing fund raisers in front of a store or at the side of the street you thought about giving some change, but then immediately vetoed your thoughts and came up with justifications like” why don’t they get a job”, or “is this a legitimate organization etc.”? I know I have done all of the above many times over and still do them today if I am not careful and thinking about the core signal I am sending.  What is the signal you are sending to the universe? Think about it. You have heard here, and other teachers repeatedly say that when you concentrate on scarcity you CANNOT ACHIEVE SUCCESS in anything because the Source will only return to you what you feel and concentrate on the most.
Believing in what you want and acting as though you have what you want means that when you want something, AND YOU CAN AFFORD IT, and the product is available to you, then you go ahead and buy it. That is it. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But  it is not. You have to do it willingly. The first few times you do this there will be a nagging feeling in your stomach. You have to scream “STOP” and work on changing that feeling. The next time you see someone who is begging or raising money for the poor, give and give with joy and see how that makes you feel? Give because YOU CAN give? Give because you are fortunate to be able to give? Who cares if that person is not poor, or it is a scam or whatever else comes to your mind? You are giving from your heart, and that is where you want to go from the emotional point of view. You are giving because it brings you joy and happiness to be able to help someone. Don’t concentrate on what is bad in the world. You will bring that crap into your life when you do.
Treat yourself when you achieve your goals, and treat yourself often. Set small stepping stones to your goals along the way and treat yourself frequently to keep the encouragement, and positivity going. The next time you want something that you have been setting aside for a while go ahead and get it for yourself. When you treat yourself with respect and love, you are treating yourself like a millionaire. When you see something you want and you get it you are sending the vibration that says, “I can have what I want.” That is what is meant by “believe what you want now”. Again I caution you not to go into debt on this. If you can’t afford a hot coffee, it is not time to go out there an buy an i-Pad. Work on your visualizations, and take action on opportunities that will help you get the coffee first and then step by step you will be in a position to get the i-Pad. Baby step your way up the ladder and start to feel good when you treat yourself well because you deserve it. Continue with visualizing your goals no matter where you are. See those goals and feel the feeling that you would have when you achieve them. Use the little feelings of joy when you reward yourself as bench marks and see, feel, and hear what a great feeling it would be to achieve your bigger goals.
If this is new to you, I encourage you to go to the links on the lower right hand corner and read about what is The Law of attraction and how to use it. I think you will find it valuable.
I hope this post helps and as always please feel free to pass this along to whomever you think may benefit from this.
To your success.

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