Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a wonderful week. Something about my exercise routine hit home today and I wanted to share that with you and how it can apply to getting the maximum results in your use of The Law of Attraction (LOA). I am on an off when it comes with my exercise program. I get the chance to practice JKD and Jiu Jitsu, then I get to travel allot so I get lazy. Then I look in the mirror and see rolls and start doing Insanity® or other programs on my computer when I am on the road. Well our company has a reward program associated with the mission statement of being healthy. The program is a web based curriculum called Vitality® ( It rewards you for activity but also for educating yourself about healthy habits by giving you points that convert to dollars on their shopping mall.

Since one of the courses was worth 300 points I took it and the basic concept was that healthy habits are a lifelong process. You can’t be active then not active, then active, and then non active, and get the MAXIMUM benefit. It is better than nothing of course, but if you want the optimum results you have to make a conscious effort to do it every day and make it a daily part of your life. The same applies to most anything that brings you well-being. Financial well-being is achieved by daily practices of good financial practices. Spiritual well-being is derived by practicing your faith, and devotions on a daily bases. And you guessed it, the same applies to the use of the tools in The Law of Attraction (LOA).

Like anything doing a little is better than doing nothing when it comes to using LOA, however, my desire is that you gain the full benefit of this magnificent law that is so easily available to you and everyone else.  Don’t get me wrong, I fall through the cracks as well as anyone. I miss doing my goals in the morning, or meditation times will be missed occasionally, but as you make this a part of your daily life, little hiccups are ok. You can just get back on track. It is important to get into the habit by continuing to do the skills for at least 90 days. I have read studies that say a task done 27 days in a row will become a habit, but I am more in line with What Jack Canfield suggests, and that is to do it for 90 days without skipping a day. If you skip a day, you start over. It really ingrains the skills in you.

Visualizations, and getting in tune with sending out the vibration of your desires with the good feeling attached to it has tremendous force and when you do it every day, you exponentially add to its power and your results will manifest that much faster. It is like many teachers compare this to growing plants. We need to nurture and care for the seed in the ground daily. We can’t just water it for a week, and ignore it for month, and then come back and give it water and expect it to grow tomorrow. The use of Law of Attraction for manifesting the life you want will work best if you make it part of your daily life. Use the rampage of appreciation every day. Use your visualization and meditation every day. Isn’t the life of your dreams worth a little bit of effort. And I do mean a little bit of effort. Think about it: when you have the life you want, the house you want, the relationships you want, the health you want, and generally are living your dreams, will you think back and say, “man that 15 minutes I had to spend meditating was really not worth this"? Come on. Sit with me now and close your eyes after reading this paragraph. What would your life look like if it was PERFECT in every way? What would you look like from a health standpoint? Can you see the six pack? Can you touch and feel the ripples in your muscles? Are you taking a picture of yourself to put as your new profile picture? How much money would be in your savings account? Can you see yourself just buying gifts for people without even thinking about money? Can you feel the heartfelt joy you are bringing to your favorite charity? What would your house look like? What do the furniture feel like when you are laying back on them? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there? And can you hear the bath running? How many people are part of your staff taking care of your home and office? What sounds do you hear when you walk through your home? Can you hear the laughter, and joy of the people around you?

Now make a commitment to yourself to do the things you need to do, to harness the power of The Law of Attraction in your life. It has to be fun. It is not a chore. This is the easiest and the most fun thing you can do and it should be the most enjoyable habit you can develop. I hope this makes sense to you as it smacked me in my face when I realized it. Share this with anyone who can benefit and tell me how you are going to make a commitment to this on my Facebook Page and Twitter feed. Let’s keep each other accountable with love and respect.  I love hearing from you. Click the blue link for the Facebook and Twitter and leave me some posts. I do not tolerate negative comments on my page. It is a place of joy and support. Join me in helping each other get better and better every day. I love you guys and want the best for you. Until next week to your success.

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