Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Good day, and I hope you are having a great week as always. I was grateful recently when one of my executive council members gave  me a book entitled The Present By Dr. Spencer Johnson.  Perhaps you have heard of the author. This is the same author who wrote Who Moved My Cheese and Peaks And Valleys. I just finished my first read through  the book and it prompted me to post this blog post today.

Personally being a business professional in 2014, I used to pride myself on multitasking, but now having read this book, I am thinking twice about the subject. I want this post to be a very interactive one. I think, we can all gain some very different perspective from each other. So please share your thoughts on this thread on my Facebook page. (click on theblue link to be directed to my page).

Pondering what I have read, there is allot of logic to the fact that if we are concentrating on the task at hand we will do the best we can, and in all likelihood will enjoy it more. There is also logic in that if we are thinking of many different things our focus is distracted and we may do more harm than good. Quantity rarely equals quality. Trying to answer 100 e-mails, make breakfast, gulp down a cup of tea, and get the kids ready for school rarely gets either of them done correctly. The eggs are burnt, the e-mail to Joe may end up in the VP’s in-box, the kids will get out the door with mismatched socks, you get the point. This is the routine though, isn’t it? This is how the West is operating. If you don’t multitask then you will fall behind… or will you?

I am trying very hard to test the contents, and advice given in this book.  From the stand point of The Law of Attraction (LOA) I have to admit it also makes perfect sense.  Even Napoleon Hill’s advice on setting goal starts with being “perfectly clear on what you want”. The Law of Attraction works and gets energy from our feelings. When we are distracted with multiple tasks, I cannot imagine being able to give any of my desires the required concentrated energy. It is like scattering the light rays of a flashlight. When scattered a larger area is dimly lit. But when focused a smaller area is extremely bright. Do I want to just dimly go about “attempting” to bring my desires into manifestations, or do I want to be laser focused on the one important desire, get it done, then move to the next one?

I have to admit putting these thought to paper is helping me allot. I hope you share in this exploration with me and write down your thoughts on my Facebook page, so we can have a good discussion on the pros and cons of multitasking vs. focusing on the present. It is a difficult task for me. I just found myself going through e-mails while bouncing my baby to sleep in her bouncer. I used to justify it this way, “she is already sleep and I am getting things done as well as putting her to sleep”. But then, I put the phone down, and watched her as she was sleeping. I just watched for a moment. I tried to be just there in that moment totally focused on putting her to sleep. IT FELT GOOD, REALLY GOOD. Would there be any disadvantage to waiting 15 minutes to answer the e-mails? Maybe 15 minutes less time with my wife? Is that something I wanted to do? Better yet, why not put the e-mail aside totally until tomorrow and then totally focus on the e-mails tomorrow, and spend the rest of the evening with my wife? Sounds great as I am looking at this page.

I think I have for the moment convinced myself that working in the present may pose more advantages both from a success point of view, and from a LOA point of view. I will work diligently on doing this in the weeks to come. I look forwards to reading your posts. Perhaps many of you already live in the present? Perhaps many have seen the light and are more advanced than me when it comes to this topic and can share their experiences, and challenges and how they overcame those? Please share here (click on the blue link).

Perhaps on the other hand you think this is a bunch of baloney. May be you are the multitasking king/queen. I also want to hear from you. I don’t think there is any right or wrong. I want to hear from both sides of the story so we all can make a better informed decision and try what we feel is best for us.

If you comment on this we can all learn, and this will be the greatest post yet in the 4 years I have been writing here. I hope you will help. Share this with anyone who can benefit or contribute to this post. Comment on Facebook and / or Twitter. Click the blue links of either. Thank you and till next Tuesday to your success.

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