Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. I was a Kinesiology major at U.C.L.A., and although the major took a different route  in my 4 years there, the basics of exercise and health emphasis was taught well, and I graduated and proceeded to go to medical school. So imagine my surprise when it took me to the age of 42 to really grasp the concept of “if you burn more calories than you eat without starving yourself, you will lose weight without side effects”. May be I can blame life for it. I mean I was always an athlete and although not gifted naturally, I tried hard. I remember being in the pool at 5:00 am in High School, and not leaving school till 6:30 pm after water polo practice. I was also always involved with Martial Arts in one form or another to the point of extreme passion up to medical school. Then school, and after that “real life” presumably took over. I travelled allot and ate like crap and soon noticed that at a height of 5’ 9” I weighed 215 immense pounds.  I not kidding you.

That is when I cut soda out of my diet and tried all kind of stuff like not eating after 6:00 pm. That helped me loose massive poundage. I lost 40 lb in 2 months and was feeling good but then again as my age increased, and I made no changes to my eating habits the pounds went up again. Recently my observation of my health habits, largely due to a program at work that rewards participants for healthy habits with cool gadgets, has put me back into focus, and it feels really good to be able to see the pounds drop, and start to look better, and feel better. What does all this have to do with success and The Law of Attraction (LOA) ? EVERYTHING DUDE. Everything.

Forget the fact that The Law of Attraction has been taught in one form or another since the early man’s history. Since 2006 there has been an amazing amount of publicity and a ton of information available about the benefits of using the LOA. You may have even heard some of it J. The point I am making here is that you have to first bring your attention to the topic at hand. You need to give attention to what you want to accomplish. You have to have a reason for keeping up with the actions necessary to achieve competence with a topic. You have to reward yourself for small wins you experience. You have stop criticizing yourself for setbacks, and instead try to learn and adjust course.  What I am describing here is not new knowledge or ground breaking techniques. Most everyone knows these facts, or have heard them over and over. You probably have read more about stuff like this or you would not be here reading my blog. If this stuff is not clicking for you why is it? Perhaps it’s the same reason that a medical professional like myself gets to be overweight. 

When it comes to using The Law of Attraction everything you feel is magnified which is a good thing if you are using the process correctly, and it really sucks if you are not. I mean it really blows chunks.  Unlike anything I have found the exponential power of the LOA will prevent you from getting what you want if you are not in tune with your feelings regarding what you WANT.  You have seen the results of it in exercise programs to some extent. If you just get on the treadmill and watch T.V. or read a book, and just trot along it is better than nothing, but you will not really get much out of it. If you walk around the gym for 2 hours and actually use the equipment halfheartedly for 15 to 20 minutes you will not look like Arnold. You have to “put in what you want to get out”, physically and emotionally.  I cannot emphasize this enough when it comes to working with the LOA. 

By now you know how the LAO works. If you don’t, read the introduction blog posts you see on the  right lower side of this page entitled SOME BASIC POSTS FOR NEW READERS. You have heard me and other teachers tell you how important your mental and emotional investment is to your success. I believe you also DO WANT TO SUCCEED. Otherwise you would not be here. At some level you are on the RIGHT COURSE or you would not have attracted this page. It is time to sit down in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Write down as many goals as you can without concern about what is and what is not possible. Then go over those goals and pick just one that means the most to you right now. Then pick another piece of paper and write down what it would mean if you had this goal accomplished. Read that paper and take another paper and now WRITE AS IF YOU HAD ACOMPLISHED EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THAT GOAL. Write how you feel, where you are, what you hear as though it has been accomplished. As though you are writing to me or a good friend and telling us how you accomplished everything to do with this goal and how happy you are. Then summarize in a sentence or two what brings the most emotional impact from what you have written and keep that on a note card with you everywhere you go. Look at it often. Feel the great feelings you are feeling now after doing the exercise. At the very least look at it before you go to bed and again the first thing when you wake up.

If you are not doing this now why not? Oh you can come up with all kind of excuses. I am not here to judge you. I did it for years and still do it. You just have to answer why am I not doing this now. You will know if your answer is bull shit. If you are still not doing this, then you are too comfortable and WANT WHAT YOU ARE GETTING RIGHT NOW. The pain is not more uncomfortable than your comfort zone. Keep on asking until you get pissed off enough to do it now. There, you just took the first step to the rest of your life. Congratulations. Much love and wishes for your success till next week. Let me know if I pissed you off, inspired you, had no effect at all on myFacebook Page and Twitter feed. Click the blue link and share with me please. Here is to your success.

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