Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Good day and I hope you are having a great week. Today I want to discuss a topic of great confusion for many people who start to study The Law of Attraction or are exposed to The Law of Attraction (LOA). The confusion arises when we hear teachers say that “it is a point of fact that Universal laws, and specifically The Law of Attraction does not recognize words of negation”. What I mean by that is that if I say “I don’t want to be in traffic” I am attracting the occurrence of being in traffic. So why is that?

It clicked for me when I was reading Ask and It is Given byJerry and Esther Hicks for the umpteenth time. I really suggest you read this book if you have not done so. As I have mentioned before, it is my go to reference for anything related to The Law of Attraction. The easiest way to understand why words of negation do not work, is to understand how exactly we utilize LOA. Our words are not what makes the LOA work for us.  Read that sentence again because it is very important. Our words do not give power to the LOA. As I have mentioned before, if we are talking about a car as the LOA and we are trying to take this car from point A to point B buy steering it, our thoughts and words are the physical steering wheel, but the FEELING that we associate with those thoughts and those words is what connects the steering wheel to the tiers of the car.  We can’t go anywhere without having either one, but the most important thing is that our feelings give POWER to our thoughts. Once you understand this concept, everything else falls into place. Let me go ahead and walk you through the process.

When I am saying “I do not want to be in traffic” what kind of a feeling do you associate with that statement? When I say “I don’t want to have bills”, what kind of a feeling do you associate with that statement? When I say “I don’t want to be overweight” what type of a feeling do you associate with that statement? In every example, the feeling associated with those statements are negative.  Negative feelings will ATTRACT more opportunities for us to experience negative feelings.  By the same token if I say “I am prosperous” but I have the same negative gut feeling, I am doing the exact same thing. I want you to understand and concentrate on the fact that the FEELING that you send out is what is bringing your manifestations, YOUR REALITY, to you. Teachers that teach this concept may say that “The Law of Attraction does not recognize words of negation”, but that is just a RULE OF THUMB. The reason why that is said is to point to the fact that your feelings are the power that fuels your manifestation. It does not really matter what you say. As long as you are not feeling good, as long as you are not feeling joy, as long as you are not happy about those thoughts, you will attract more opportunities not to be happy. The key is to be HAPPY. That is why Dr. Joe Vitale says “the short cut to manifesting anything is for being grateful for everything that you have right now”.  Honestly, from the bottom of your heart being grateful means you are happy with everything you have, so you are going to attract more opportunities to be happy with everything you have. That may be that Porsche, or the million dollars. 

I hope this makes sense and is helpful. Please share this with anyone who can benefit from it. I really welcome your comments and contributions on my Facebook Page and Twitter feed (Click the blue link associated and leave me your comments).  Thank you for your time and until next week, to your success.

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